Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Little Gym Graduation

This Spring Benjamin took a tumbling class at the local Little Gym. He loved it. He got to run around and jump on things and not get in trouble for it. At the end of the class they have "show" day where they show everyone what they have learned. It was very entertaining!
Here he is striking a pose on the beam. Not a skill taught but he certainly mastered it.
More beam work.

Flips on the bar

Summer salts.

His Thomas Grandparents came and so did his Dad. He LOVES and audience!
Cousins Chloe and Nolan came to watch too.

Awards time. He had a lot of fun, but I do not see a Gold metal in gymnastics in his future.

Still Moving

Well life has been crazy lately! We sold our kitchen table, couches, entertainment center and book shelves, (all on craigslist- Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE craigslist?) so we are basically living like we are camping. And that is not all that enjoyable with two small kids. We are supposed to close escrow tomorrow, but that whole process has been a complete nightmare and I will not be surprised if that does not happen. But from what I hear that is normal. The boys and I just got back from LA visiting Jackie (I will post pictures later) where we all got the FLU. But life is good. Just busy.