Saturday, December 20, 2008

Finished Product

Here's our beautiful tree. You can't even see the enormous whole that faces the back. Last year Benjamin got to put on the star so this year Austin got to. He did not see the significance of this, but had fun anyways.

.......Side computer had a is fixed now and I have a lot to update (nothing too exciting just some really cute pictures)

Christmas Tree 2008 Part 4

Once I finished cutting through the tree trunk. I discovered something very disturbing about my dream tree. See below:

Right next to this "perfect tree" that I thought I had found had grown an unseen smaller Chistmas tree whose pine needles and branches made up about 40% of the green, fullness on one side of my perfect tree.
Of course, from the side where I started cutting the trunk I could not tell that there was another smaller trunk next to my "perfect" tree.
Once the cut tree was moved to the side, I was astonished and astounded at the same time to see that 40% of my tree was not there.
Good for us that where were were planning on placing the tree in our home, you can only see the good side of the tree ;-)

Christmas Tree 2008 Part 3

After Austin lost interest in cutting down the tree he decided to eat some dirt.

Christmas Tree 2008 Part 2

So once we found the tree, the boys and I started to cut it down.

Christmas Tree 2008

So this year we decided we'd go to a Christmas Tree farm and cut down our own tree with the boys. Good idea right? Right - sort of...

So we get to the tree farm and spend an hour or so looking over the various patches of douglas fir and noble fir trees.

We finally find a tree that has the right amount of fullness, but no too full (so that there is open spaces for the ornaments to hang). The right height, 7ft. - check. A good green color - check. We liked it so much we posed for an impromptu family picture. We were so proud of finding the perfect tree. See picture below: