Saturday, March 29, 2008

Benjamin Turns 3

Benjamin's birthday was on Wednesday this week. We wanted to do something to celebrate even though his party was not until today (Saturday). So we made really big cookies, put three candles in them and sang Happy Birthday (one of Benjamin's favorite songs to sing) to Ben.
We let him open one of his presents because he was going to need it for his party. He was SO excited. I have never seen him so happy about a present before. As you can see, it is a baseball glove.

He immediately ran outside to play some ball with his Dad. He catches really well if you throw the ball right into the glove, otherwise he is still learning.
We had his party at a park near our house that has a baseball diamond so he could play.
After sliding into home plate he decided the dirt felt nice and made a "dirt" angel.

I spent way too many hours on his baseball cake, but he loved it! It even has a chocolate mousse filling.
He thought it tasted pretty good too.
This is the only picture I could get of him looking at the camera while opening his presents.

Austin got caught in some of the balloons, but that did not stop him . He just kept on going. He walked all over the park attached to the balloons. It was quite hilarious and it made it easy to spot him.
He also found lots of dirt to eat and roll around in. If you look closely you can see his 1 tooth. Yes, he is 14 months and only has one tooth. But we are excited to announce that as of today he almost has two. (It has cut through but not enough to see when smiling)
After an exciting party Ben decided to relax on the bleachers. A great end to a great day. (And the best part is that all the mess is in the park, not in my house)


danielle said...

Well first of all, I am super jealous that it is so nice outside that you can have a party.

Second, I can't believe he is three already...where did the time go? What a cute boy!

Third, so perfect that he is a sports nut...Take after his dad much?

And fourth (this is a lot of things!) I love your cake. It is darling. What a fun mom you are!

mandymock said...

What a fun party! Jacob catches like Benjamin too. =) You are so creative with your baseball cake.