Thursday, April 10, 2008

Goats, Goats and more Goats

Yesterday was dollar day at Happy Hollow. It is a fun park with lots of rides, playgrounds, a puppet show and a small zoo with some random animals. Potbelly pigs, sheep, monkeys, and the very best part is the goat place. You pay 25 cents and get a handful of food and you get to feed the goats. Unfortunately for my deprived boys, I had no change. Benjamin being the resourceful boy that he is, got food another way. He went around and picked up the food on the ground that kids had dropped. (It got a little tricky when we was having trouble distinguishing between food and goat poop. Luckily there is a sink to wash your hands when you leave the pen)
But he soon decided that he did not like the goats coming at him with their mouths open.

Next he figured out how the goats get water. He thought it was great that they were licking him. They were actually trying to get the water that was running through his hands.

As usual Austin found dome dirt to play in. He also found some "pellets"that looked tastey. Luckily I caught him before they made it to his mouth. This boy will eat anything!

Then he found this cute baby goat who was trying to take a nap.
The goat tried really hard to ignore him. But Austin did not care.
He deiced this goat needed a hung. TOO CUTE!!!! (He really is hugging the goat) He is such a hugger. And such a sweet boy!


mandymock said...

Benjamin is so smart and Austin is just precious!