Thursday, May 29, 2008


Does this look comfortable to anyone? This is how Austin likes to sleep. Sitting, hunched over with his face smashed into his blankie. He falls asleep like this because he likes to rock himself to sleep. He sits there and rocks back and forth. We had to move his crib away from the wall because we would hear, thud, thud, thud for 20 minutes whenever we put him to bed. We first noticed it when he was around 10 months old (He is now 16 months old). It really disturbs Brian. He is convinced Austin will have a bad back later in life because he sleeps like this. I think if it hurt him he would not do it. I am just so excited to finally get a picture of it. (He is an extremely light sleeper) So this is to our little rocker.....I hope you don't have back problems later in life!


Teri said...

I love sleeping pics! I love his hair! He is sooo cute! awsome pic!