Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Oakland Zoo

A couple of weeks ago Brian had the whole week off. Most of the week was spent painting and replacing all of the ugly, generic light fixtures in our place. But one day we got to go to the zoo.
We saw all of the major zoo animals. Elephants, lions, monkeys. We even almost go to feed the giraffe some leaves. But the zoo keeper got to us first......

Austin enjoyed climbing around on the frogs

The Oakland zoo is a little sad when we compare it to the Omaha zoo (oddly enough there is a GREAT zoo in Omaha). But Ben does not remember it and Austin has never seen it so they think Oakland is great.


Melissa said...

Cute Pics! Forgive me for giving you such a hard time about bloggin' Your boys are getting sooo big!

EmilynDev said...

I cant believe how big your boys are. They are so cute. How about some pictures of your new place! I have been trying to find new lights for the bathrooms. I wanna see what you put.