Sunday, October 12, 2008

T-Ball for a 3 year old...not recommended!

In our lovely new town of Dublin California they offer T-Ball for 3-5 year old children. We were so excited. Benjamin LOVES baseball. He has a Tee and a glove and has been playing with Brian for over a year now. We thought this was great. He will love it. WRONG. There is a reason "Little League" does not have T-Ball for children until they are 5. And that is because to a 3 year old it is really boring. Way too much down time. These are all pictures of his first game. It was HOT this morning and I put him in black sweats. And the league gave him the largest shirt they had so the poor boy was sweating the whole time. He even had an audience (Gma Cary, Gpa Dan, Gpa Brent and Uncles Tyler and Trevor) which he usually loves. And he requested that everyone shout "Go Ben" or "Way to go Ben" when he hits the ball. We all complied but this did not help. Here he is playing 1st base.

Here he is yelling "throw the ball HERE!!!"
Bored and playing in the dirt.
Finally his one chance at bat. He was so excited about the helmet. (He has some odd obsession with helmets. He has already requested he get a bike helmet for his birthday) He was the only kid to wear it. So the lesson learned is this. Three year old children should not play group sports. We will try again when he is five.
Austin had a great time though.


Becky said...

It's pictures and activities like this that make me want some little boys. Seriously, too cute.

Steven Weller said...

Hello Becky. You are correct in that this can be quite difficult for a three year old however there are things that can be done to keep their interest. It can be tough for a coach to keep both 3 and 5 years olds entertained so what I have done, with some good success, is to create stations for the kids. Break them all up into smaller groups and spend 10 minutes or so doing some silly catching at one, throwing ant another and batting at yet another. This keeps them moving and no time to build dirt mounts at while manning first base. :o)

I am just starting my third season and the challenges remain. We have to, as coaches and parents, remember that no matter what it needs to be fun. Without good organization chaos ensues and attention gets lost.

Good post! (We love in Discovery Bay)
Cheers- Steve

gram said...

Can someone please help with any hints. My 3 1/2 yr. old grandson just had his 2nd and last t-ball practice. He is the only child to not follow directions and 1/2 way through decided to just go over to his mom and start hitting and kicking her. She proceeded to take him home. She does not plan to take him back, but is that teaching him anything. He seems to be intimidated by other boys. He goes to daycare so he's use to other children. Is he a bad kid or just too young for this. I don't think it's a boredom issue as some suggested. Please help, my daughter is at her wits end. She tries so hard to do things she thinks he'll love and he loves baseball.

Anonymous said...

I have a 3 year old boy myself. We are going to practice at home this summer and join a team next year. Good pictures!!