Saturday, January 19, 2008

The frow had to go....

Everyone told me not to cut it, but I had to. It looked ridiculous. Tight curls on the side, no curls on the back and loose curls on top. I must admit I think it looks much better now. These are just a few of the MANY pictures taken of the momentous occasion. The first haircut. Brian video taped it, my Mom took pictures. I held Austin and Benjamin rearranged all of the hair products. Austin was not the most willing participant as you will see....

I am not sure I like this

Save me!!!

No more please!!

Ahhhh Binky

Brush looks fun

Yummy brush

I'm Done!!
This is the final product. He did not hold it against Doreen, my hairdresser since high school (except for my stint in Omaha where Teri the great handled my hair). I am sure you will agree....much better.