Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New and Improved

I was looking at a friend's blog (Emily) and I saw a link to where I could get a different template for my blog. Yea! I am a little conflicted about what kind of a design I can really get away with. I (Corinne) do everything for the blog but most of the content is about my boys. So I think this is a good compromise. Flowers in brown. Not too girlie but pretty enough for me to like it. This is great. It is like redecorating my house but cheaper and with much less effort. (Although I am expecting to be getting some new couches very soon!!!) Don't be surprised if it changes again.


Melissa said...

Hey Girl - I found your blog address! Your template is cute - email me and fill me in on the link. Your boys are too cute! The birthday, haircut, stitches posts almost seems like universal themes for all of us moms! I think if you just change the pictures a lot of our joys and heartaches would be the same! Take care! Melissa

Megan said...

Love your blog look & all the cute pictures of your boys. So fun to see your family. Take care! Love, Megan & BJ