Wednesday, July 30, 2008

All grown up.......?

So the other day Benjamin was having some yogurt and Austin decided he wanted to some too. I put him in his highchair and did not put a bib on him because I was going to feed him. But he decided he was way too big for his mommy to be feeding him. So after a few minutes of whining I let him have the spoon.......this is the end result. He is getting to be such a big boy these days. He no longer wants to be my baby. :( Although he is still fine with me carrying him everywhere (he is 30+ lbs). One step at a time, right?


Keyonna and Adam said...

Corinne his hair is so cute! Anna acts the same way. She wants to do it all on her own, but still wants mommy. She isn't as big as Austin, yet, I think she is on her way, she is 22 pounds!

Megan said...

such a cute pictures! I love those little faces covered & their expression is so proud! So glad you guys are all moved in. Congrats in the new place. So fun to get caught up on your family. Take care, Megan

The Stapletons said...

What cute hair!! It's always reassuring to know I'm not the only one who spends the majority of my day cleaning up messes. :)