Sunday, July 20, 2008

Our Future Olympian

Last Wednesday was Benjamin's first swim lesson. He is taking them at a local indoor pool. It has been a strange summer here in CA. It started out really hot (In May!!!) and since has been in the 80's. Which is not hot enough for me or my children to get in an outdoor pool. So I found a place that is indoor and warm all year round. One of the rules is that the students have to wear goggles. So Ben picked these red one's out. I tried to convince him blue or green would look better, but he wanted red. His favorite color is red, much to his father's dismay (BYU is Blue and U of Utah is Red). This has been hard for Brian, but he has finally let it go and love him anyways :). He was so excited about swim class. There were three other kids in his class. All whom screamed their heads off the entire time. Ben did not even hesitate to get in.
Here he is "swimming".
At the end of class he received two ribbons. A pink one for waiting his turn and making the bubble face (holding his breath) and a rainbow one for not crying. He thinks he is ready to swim on his own now. The other day he said to me "Mama, I'm a big boy. I don't need a swim teacher anymore."


Teri said...

way to go ben!! I love that he is anti-byu and he doesn't even know it! what a stud!

EmilynDev said...

Arnt swimming lessons great! Is he worn out after? Mitchells favorite football team is Boise State. We have no idea where that came from but it brings Deven some sadness!

Sharlene said...

Congratulations on your new home! It looks wonderful! I linked to your blog from Becky's---the design is clever, the pictures are cute, and it's great to know the things you are doing.